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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Even though I am posting wednesday morning.......I am offically in my 3rd trimester.......My feet are starting to swell.....I'm trying to stay off of them as much as possible but with 3 kids at home, a dh who had surgery almost 2 wks ago and is suffering from cellulitis its nearly impossible......I need to clean house tomorrow and do some laundry.......I had it mostly caught up over the weekend that was until Alyssa decided she was going to bring her dirty laundry out of her room........Hahaha I bet half of it isn't even dirty..........She irratates me to no get end about that....I can't seem to get her to do anything with her room, I have tried taking away her tv, her bike, threatening to burn it (we are under a burn ban, so can't) bag it up and haul it off nothing seems to phase her......Shoot I can't get her to do anything to help me out in the rest of the house either.....I need to tackle the boys room sometime this week while Joshua is at school and go through the toy boxes and get rid of a bunch of toys that he doesn't play with nor Austin and make a trip to the giveaway place before he gets home from school.......Wish me luck........I am going to start a to do list on here or what some might call a housework game, maybe it will get me caught up enough that staying caught up won't be so much of a hassle........


  1. I'm sorry Alyssa's doing it again! Maybe start now to teach her how to do her own laundry and then maybe she won't have so many "possibly clean clothes" to wash? You can make a "plan" on how to start the washing machine, let HER fold it...Maybe if she has to do the work? IDK..I know you didn't ask for suggestions...

    Oh yeah, when I need to get motivated I post a Housework Game on my blog...makes me accountable...of course, I'm not in my 3rd tri of pregnancy so it's probably easier for me.

  2. Girl right now you have one more kid then I do......2 of which are 2 and 1.....I have a hard time keeping up with my 2 1/2 yr old let alone a 1 yr old as well......She does help me start the laundry but if I leave it up to her she would have whites in with reds and needless to say everything would be pink, LOL........I'm actually working on teaching her to how to do it herself, give me another 6 mths and I will have it done......