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Monday, April 4, 2011

Austin James Levi

was born at 11:49 am 5 yrs ago today.......My 3rd son....I knew he was a boy by all the problems he was giving me...To describe Austin in a nutshell would be his Granny's words "I can see the devil dancing in his eyes" this is the boy who makes plans, who takes off without talking to mom first...This it the boy who acts like a girl when it comes to spider and snakes.....The kind hearted boy who asked to buy a rose for his foster grandmother (she is in his classroom as a volunteer) and then had to include his teacher and his assistant teacher to as he didn't want them to feel left out....This is the boy who asked for one thing this year and that was to talk to his Great Granny who isn't doing very well healthwise......He said "I want to tell I miss her, I love her" and that was arranged by his daddy....He is so kind hearted.....That tonight it broke his heart when Joshua told him that he broke his heart that he wouldn't let Joshua have his brand new hotwheels in the bathtub......But I am proud that my son also stood his ground and didn't allow his big brother to convince him to give them up.......This is the compasionite boy who kept asking my bff if she was ok as they were walking in walmart......This is the little boy that she picked up and put on her shoulders so I could eat at a resturant and he played in her hair...Quite funny if I do say so myselft, LOL.......I hope the rest of his life is as fun filled as his first 5 yrs have been....Happy Birthday Austin......I love you!!!  (PICS are not going to be coming for awhile, can't upload any new ones)