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Friday, February 11, 2011

ChiAnne Renee Rose

My 2nd daughter was born 1 yr ago this evening.  I can not believe that one year has passed.  How is that possible.  She is one of the most quiet, patient children that I have ever met.  She is so laid back and calm.  She has finally discovered that she has a voice, she has to state her demands and boy can she.  She is cutting molars so she is not a happy camper, not only that she is sick again. 

This is Daddy holding his baby girl for the first time, she was about 12 hrs old

And this is my baby girl just a few days ago..........I love this pic, it shows her ornery side........Yes she is very very ornery......I promise I will get some updated pics soon of her and all the kids...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jace Andrew Lane

 This is Jace today 2-8-11

This is Jace 2-7-11
My 5th born, my 4th son.......The child that God gave to test my patience and learn to listen to him.  All in God's timing.  God's way of saying wake up, I've giving you a special child and you will take care of him and teach him as he will teach you and that he has......My little boy is now fighting a deadly infection in his blood stream.....We have been fighting the flu......High fever, chills, coughing, body aches you name it Jace, ChiAnne and I had it.....We were miserable.........It started at the height of the blizzard (of which I will post pics later) and our drs were snowed in and couldn't get out.....Well ChiAnne had hers the week before so she was seen and of course the antibotics flowed.......along with steroids and cough meds again...well fast forward to saturday.....Jace is finally feeling somewhat better and goes to play with Joshua and Austin.....After about 20 mins he comes out of the hallway crying.....I pick him up, dry his tears, notice the skin around his eye is red (going up towards the nose) I made sure there was no opening, scratch......Ya know he is my allergy kid, the kid with a comprimised immune system..I so enjoy his cuddles as they are few and far between as he is a daddy's boy for the most part.....so he fell asleep and I had Daddy move him to his bed......He woke up a couple hours later and his eye was swollen half shut....We had Dee come over and babysit the other kids so we could take him to the ER......The ER is the Er....I would have much rather gone to the Urgent care but yeah they are not open 24/7 unfortnatly......The dr that we seen, I have never seen before is an egotistic arrogant, pompus man...Refused to listen to me when I told him he didn't need held down to look at his ears.....He wanted a strep test.....Um excuse me, he doesn't have strep......He has the flu, he is sick and now his eye is swollen shut.....GGGGGGGRRRRRRRR well the one thing that he did do right was tell us to follow up monday with our pcp or come back to the ER if he couldn't get us in........So monday morning Kent called and get him in to see Dr. Collier......Dr. Collier wasn't impressed with the ER's report and did blood work...It was then that my world was rocked to its core.....He has a bacterial infection and whats worse is it has spread to his blood stream.......It means hospitalization and it also means we have to go to Tulsa as our small town hospital is not equiped to handle Jace's infection...Whats worse is we have to be admitted threw the ER.....It takes over 4 hrs to get a room and repeating of all tests.....And fighting with them to get him something for the pain......Saturday they told us to chase his motrin.....basically he was getting a dose of motrin every 4 hrs and then a dose of tylenol every 4 hrs......but not togather and it figured out that he was getting a dose every 2 hrs......well the ER wouldn't do that.....He screamed in pain for almost 3 hrs straight........They finally gave him tylenol after letting him suffer like that about 5 mins before transport shows up to take him to his room......Oh geez finally!!!!  We get upstairs and I'm impressed, there is a dr, a Cna, and a Nurse all waiting on him.....He should be admitted to the PICU but the PICU is full so he is on the floor in isolation but has all the PICU specialities...Which is great....Daddy is staying up there with him as I can not as I have the same eye infection he does as well as the flu......I'm getting over the flu but I still have that yucky cough.....the eye is finally clearing up and we are now getting pounded with another snow storm........Our 3rd in a week.......Seriously.......In the last week we are actually looking at breaking a snowfall record for the year......Being the snowiest on record.......A record that I could have easily let stand for all time to come......I will post about the 20 inches of snow that is still on the ground from last week or the 4.5 inches of snow that has snowed since then that did somewhat melt....or how about the 8+ inches that we might or might not get today.........Nope nope nope......My posts are focusing on my one and only Jace Andrew Lane.....The little man with the doe brown eyes who stole my heart......and who right now, his hug and kiss is the only thing that I can think of that will heal his momma's broken and turmoiled heart.......