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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oklahoma fun facts

Oklahoma fun, I found this in "The Paper" published November 29th, 2010

Love the summer?

Poolville, Oklahoma

Sunray, Oklahoma

Want something to eat?





South Coffeeville (it is not spelled the way but is pronounced this way)



Why travel to another state





Santa Fe

St. Louis





Don’t forget the wildlife






Deer Creek

Elk City

Feeling a bit chilly?



Cold springs


Like the president?















Names to make you smile………….









And regardless of percussion……….



Little know facts about Oklahoma

1. The bread twist tie was invented in Maysville

2. The shopping cart was invented in Ardmore in 1936

3. The nation’s first parking meter was installed in Oklahoma City in 1935.

4. The first Girl Scout Cookie was sold in Muskogee in 1917.

5. The Oklahoma State capital is the only capital in the U.S. with a working oil wells on its ground

6. Boise City, Oklahoma was the only city in the U.S. to be bombed during World War II. On Monday night, July 5, 1943 at 12:30 a.m., A B-17 bomber based at Dalhart Army Air Base, Tx dropped six practice bombs on the sleeping town, mistaking the city lights as target lights. As target lights.

7. WKY Radio in Oklahoma City was the first radio station transmitting west of the Mississippi River.

8. The nation’s first “Tornado Warning” was issued on March 25, 1948 in Oklahoma City minutes before a devastating tornado. Because of the warning, no lives were lost.

9. Oklahoma has the largest Native America population of any state in the U.S.

10. The name “Oklahoma” comes from two Choctaw words……..okla meaning “people” and humma meaning “red”. So the name means “Red People” the name was approved in 1890.

11. Oklahoma has more man made lakes than any other state.

12. During the “land rush”, Oklahoma City went from a prairie to a city of over 10,000 in a single day.

13. The nation’s first traffic “Yeild” sign was erected in Tulsa on a trial basis.

14. Pensacola Dam~ between the Mayes county towns of Langley and Disney~ is the longest multi-arched dam in the world at 6,565.

15. The “Port of Catoosa” is the largest inland port in America

16. Per square mile, Oklahoma has more tornados than any other place in the world.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


this is Chi's body as of today.......is it an allergic rxn to Pcn which she is on now for bronchitis or is it viral or could it even be measles.......who knows but I do know it doesn't seem to bother her, more it bothers mommy......these were taken this morning, she was covered from diaper area to her head with this fine red dot rash......I gave her benedryl to see if it helped in case she is having an allergic rxn to the antibotics........I will get new pics in the morning......

Saturday, October 9, 2010

OK, lets see which one of these babies is which

Can you tell??  I love playing this game as my kids all look alike.......I can catch one them looking like the other out of the corner of my eye....Or I will catch one of the boys doing what my brothers would do.......(JOSHUA)

Ok, you can tell that this is one of the girls, only because she is wearing pink but can you tell which one she is, LOL

So shoot your best guess at which boy is which and which girl is which.........Do you know these kiddos that well, LOL........1,2,3,4., 5..........

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sept 7th

It is really quiet here.  You ask why it is quiet.  Well it is because I have 3 out of 5 kids in school.  I only have the babies at home.  Holy cow did it become quiet.  Who knew without Austin being home and Joshua as well that it would become so quiet.  Whats a momma to do.  In the coming weeks we shall see, LOL.  ChiAnne is so close to crawling.  She is up on her hands and knees and rocking but hasn't figured out how to work the neck muscles to lift her head up as well.  It won't be long.  She is following Joshua's footsteps and Daddy thinks she will be walking by christmas.  Joshua walked at 10 mths old so I can see it.  Jace and his food allergies are coming along.  We have found another one....Cheetos :( but he will live without cheetos.  Right now he thinks my living room is his jungle gym.  He is moving stuff around to use it to climb up on.  He is climbing up and down off of daddy's chair right now, LOL. OK, my quiet is about to end.  Let the homework begin, LOL

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Back to school

Its that time of year when all the kids head back to school.  We started late this year due to the budget crush that everyone is feeling......It made for a very long summer for the kids..........They do not get out til May 20th now....I'm ok with it but they were not........Austin doesn't get to start school until monday so you know there will be another post with pics....LOL.......

Monday, August 16, 2010

My mom Tammy
LaTonia, Draven and Wyatt
Billy and Michelle
The whole gang
Sarah and her neices and nephews (any wonder why she don't want to have kids, LOL)
The 6 of us
Jesse and Sarah
Aunt Kathie and Uncle Ricky
Grandma and Jace
The emboridery that was done inside J.D. casket
Billy, Michelle and kids
Uncle Joey and ChiAnne
The Loving kids
Our new family pics
Mom and the grandkids minus 6
Joey, Hope and Dallas
Jonathan, Michele, Angel, Jasper and James
My handsome hubby, Kent
Aunt Kathie and Uncle Jake
Grandma and 5 of her kids
My mom and the 6 of us
Uncle Ricky and his dog
Aunt Sarah and ChiAnne
Grandma and Jace

Thursday, August 12, 2010

the newest member of our zoo is

His name is Buddy, he is a 4 yr old gelding who we adopted from a rescue........He has not lived up to his name  however........He has broken down our fence and escaped to many times to count and had put Kent in the ER.......Alyssa came home on the 2nd, on the 4th they decided that they were going to take the horses on a ride........They rode them down to the creek, when they got down to the creek, he decided that the horses needed a drink and tried to ride him down to the water (bad idea, he doesn't see it but I do, lol) he threw him off and landed on top of him............Then he finally got back up on him and took off riding down the road when he found a wallet in the middle of the road........It turned out ot the be the neighbors.......when he got off of him to get it and went to get back on him, he threw him into a house..........So the next day being our 11th anniversary, he went into the ER and sit all day long........I mean all day long.........to find out that he has a broken rib in his back.........Needless to say Buddy is going to the trainers and my darling old man will not be riding him til he does.........

Jace Andrew Lane

My trouble maker.......My monkey, my climber.......the nicknames could go on and on..........He has horrible times with food....He is finally up to 19lbs 5.4oz, which is awesome for him being almost 16mths old.....He is highly allergic to alot of foods......Including milk and soy......Squash has been the biggest reaction by far......He finally had allergy tests........The test backed up the allergy to milk and soy but also to peanuts and dog......The dog of all things...Then last week we had blood work done......He is still reacting to a number of things so the dr thought maybe he had an immune disorder........While some of the numbers came back high, others did not so it only shows a weakened immune system (awesome news) and a few other things but nothing major........I went in armed with those results to his neonatalogist and he said that other than a weakened immune system we really had nothing to worry about, just keep doing what we were doing because he was gaining weight (slowly but surely) he is finally walking and his skin looks great (besides the two places that are healing now) he asked that we try a few foods on him because they will help boost his immune system.......Avacados which are high in vit C, non dairy yogurt (this is the first I have heard of it but he said we could get it at whole foods) and poi (something from hawaii) so we are going to add that to his diet and see if he can handle.......Oh and he wants him to have lamb (its high in fats, easier on their system and has a vit that he is low in (forget the name of it) 

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August 7th, 2010

Our baby girl turned 10.........A whole decade old.....I can hardly believe that she went from being 6lbs 9oz to an almost 70lb girl....She has finally started growing, they figured out what meds were causing the stunt in weight gain........she has gained almost 20 lbs in 2 mths.....hum that sounds like to much, guess I will talk to her dr when she goes in........

We celebrated her birthday all day long......First we got up and I did her nails with the polish that I bought for her for her birthday........Then she ran to the mailbox and brought home a magazine from our electric company and it had an awesome recipe in it for an ice cream cake......OH MY word it was awesome.......So we ran to walmart and bought all the ingrediants for it......Was almost home when Dee called, she had a blowout.......took the kids to the trailer to stay with bradlee and then head back to get her........Get her tire changed and the darn thing overheated.......So her and I took her friend home and headed back to the house for Alyssa's birthday party.......A friend of mine, Shonda was coming down and bringing fireworks........We timed it just right as she was coming in to Locust as we were arriving......Kent had to wait 2 hrs in the heat for a tow truck to get there to bring Dee's suv here......finally everything came togather......We set off a few fireworks, Alyssa opened presents and then Shonda took them all swimming........I made her cake and by 8 we were celebrating the birthday girl's dinner.......Had an awesome time.......Sit off a whole bunch of fireworks afterwards........So overall I think Alyssa had a great birthday.........

Monday, July 19, 2010

J.D and Sarah Sue
The Loving crew
Finally a family pic of all of us
My mom with some of her grandchildren
My little brother Joey, his significant other Hope and their son Dallas
Norma and Billy Love, Billy Rose, friend of my Bobby and Michelle
More of my mom with her grandkids
Wow its been a very long, long time since all 6 of us kids have been togather and needless to say we took advantage of it.......Wish J.D. was there, it would have made the family complete.
Michele Green, my brother Jonathan, Jasper, Angel and James
I love this picture of Billy and Michelle
Sheri and I, the first time we met irl.....I met her from a private board that we are both on......Love her house and her kids are totally adorable........
Sheri and Miss Davynn....
Alyssa and Davynn
sisters......Sarah and I
My nutty little sister
I woke up to this one morning while I was up at mom's.......Just wish they didn't fight so much......I love it.
Jace~My little tigger....he is always so happy
Hi Aunt Kathie~Nope I didn't delete it, I love pics like this....sorry:D
My handsome little brother Jonathan, noticed the mark on his forehead....Watch out for the scopes on those guns silly boy.....
My grandma and 5 of her kids.....Kathie Jayko, Norma Love, Judi Lindgren, Richard "Ricky" Cramer, Grandma Dorothy McClenning, and my mom Tammy Ann Solomon

my brother Bobby Rose, Billy Rose, Alyssa, my Aunt Norma and ChiAnne
Bobby, Alyssa, Norma and ChiAnne (there happened to be no shortage of hands to hold Ms. ChiAnne, lol)
The crazy girls, Sarah and Angel
My mom, Tammy and my Aunt Norma
Uncle Ricky, I love his smile...he has a sparkle in his eye always....
Aunt Judi~doing what she does best, taking pics......I loved it.......
I love this pic of Jace and Aunt Judi.......Jace loved all the attention that he got while he was up at mom's.....
This is the entire crew that mom was related to that showed up to the funeral.....
I had to include these 2 beautiful girls.......Jackie and Jessica Kirkpatrick........They are Norma's girls....At her wedding May 22nd.....Man how they have grown......