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Thursday, August 23, 2012

The election

Normally I don't get to involved with politics....I vote on my beliefs and the subject matter at hand but up early this morning because of the dang tree company sitting off Terah (tried going back to bed after getting the kids off to school and didn't succeed) So anyways I was watching CBS this morning and they were interviewing T. Boone Pickens.....This man is an awe inspiring wise man even if he is an OSU cowboy.....Listening to him speak always gets me to thinking and today I decided what the hell he needs to become president then maybe we would get somewhere.....He brought up the fact that last year the oil industry in the US bumped up production by over 10 billion barrels of oil, so much so that they are talking about exporting it but yet gas prices are still at 3.50 a gallon or better...I see an issue with this......Come on, lets be dependent on ourselves not some small foreign country who gets picked on so big brother has to step in and end up seperating our troops from their families for months at a time....How many of our troops have to die overseas in order for our country to realize that we don't need them and their oil, we got enough right here at home.....Which then lead me to think about the upcoming election.....A wise friend of mine said "I'm neither ass nor elephant, I'm about the topics" I agree with her on that.....You know does it really matter how much money one made last year or the year before that or 10 yrs before that??....Does it really matter if you worship the same God that I do?? What matters is America needs jobs, People are loosing their homes left and right, Families are struggling to make ends meet and put food on the table and it shouldn't be like this....Ok so social security is going broke, how about fixing it the right way not a bandaid fix til who knows when......Don't like the Gas prices, how about using some more of the oil that is in storage and upping production, oh wait that would mean we would be less dependent on the small countries that we are playing big brother to......Does it really matter what a person has done in the past??  People are human and they do make mistakes as long as they can admit that they made that mistake...Medicaid/Medicare not working, well its not working because the government is always putting its hand in it and cutting the budget...Taking money from this program to fund that program....Sit one budget and stick to it....Prepare to increase said budget every year....Admit when you make a mistake.....Own it and move on, its not that big of a deal....But above all support our military...They are the reason I can write this post without backlash...they fought our freedom over the last 3 centuries, how about we honor them.......Give them what they need to get better...Help them live a healthy, fulfilling productive life.......And help their families to support them and adjust to their injuries, weither physical or mental....Don't look down on them with pitty because of their injuires......They knew when they signed on the doted line what they were signing and why they were signing, they were willing to sign it just so you and I could have our freedom of speech....Secondly if you come to our country, learn our language, acknowledge our beliefs and customs even if they seem strange to you...You came here, we should not have to learn your language, change our pledge to take God out of it or adjust anything just because you don't like it.....While I haven't decided who I am voting for I do know this...the mudslinging needs to stop.....Like I said before, you make mistakes, you learn from them and then you move on....If some guy is doing a good deed, let them into your country, its not as if he is moving there.......And for heaven sakes if you don't like who is in office or running for office, run for yourself....Good luck to all the canidates this year......You are going to work hard at getting back in my good graces.....But for once can there be a meaningful race and no mudslinging about who did what in his past.....Or turn the government over to a mom who knows how to budget or to T. Boone Pickens....This probably doesn't make any sense but I don't care, it made sense to me and I thank the military for making my country free so I can feel comfortable posting it.......