Our Family

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Monday, July 19, 2010

J.D and Sarah Sue
The Loving crew
Finally a family pic of all of us
My mom with some of her grandchildren
My little brother Joey, his significant other Hope and their son Dallas
Norma and Billy Love, Billy Rose, friend of my Bobby and Michelle
More of my mom with her grandkids
Wow its been a very long, long time since all 6 of us kids have been togather and needless to say we took advantage of it.......Wish J.D. was there, it would have made the family complete.
Michele Green, my brother Jonathan, Jasper, Angel and James
I love this picture of Billy and Michelle
Sheri and I, the first time we met irl.....I met her from a private board that we are both on......Love her house and her kids are totally adorable........
Sheri and Miss Davynn....
Alyssa and Davynn
sisters......Sarah and I
My nutty little sister
I woke up to this one morning while I was up at mom's.......Just wish they didn't fight so much......I love it.
Jace~My little tigger....he is always so happy
Hi Aunt Kathie~Nope I didn't delete it, I love pics like this....sorry:D
My handsome little brother Jonathan, noticed the mark on his forehead....Watch out for the scopes on those guns silly boy.....
My grandma and 5 of her kids.....Kathie Jayko, Norma Love, Judi Lindgren, Richard "Ricky" Cramer, Grandma Dorothy McClenning, and my mom Tammy Ann Solomon

my brother Bobby Rose, Billy Rose, Alyssa, my Aunt Norma and ChiAnne
Bobby, Alyssa, Norma and ChiAnne (there happened to be no shortage of hands to hold Ms. ChiAnne, lol)
The crazy girls, Sarah and Angel
My mom, Tammy and my Aunt Norma
Uncle Ricky, I love his smile...he has a sparkle in his eye always....
Aunt Judi~doing what she does best, taking pics......I loved it.......
I love this pic of Jace and Aunt Judi.......Jace loved all the attention that he got while he was up at mom's.....
This is the entire crew that mom was related to that showed up to the funeral.....
I had to include these 2 beautiful girls.......Jackie and Jessica Kirkpatrick........They are Norma's girls....At her wedding May 22nd.....Man how they have grown......