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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy 3rd birthday Jace

Jace turned 3 on friday the 13th.....I jokingly say he is my hurricane....This child keeps me hoping......He has no fear of anything, his speech is coming along and he is excited to be starting therapy with the school this week....Its been a rocky rollar coaster with him but its one that I have loved being on but am ready for him to slow down just a bit and let momma have a chance to catch her breath....

He shared his birthday with an amazing lady....Granny..He was born on her  87th birthday and she passed away 2 yrs later on her 89th birthday so it would have been her 90th....I have decided after much soul searching he will know what an amazing lady she was and will always know what her greatest birthday gift was (those are her words, not mine) she will never be forgotten.........Granny we love and miss you......You always knew how to calm my heart and soul and I wish I could talk to you right now as you would know what to say and how to make me laugh......

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