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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Thinking back about my post on the election, boy how right I was, LOL....But now I need to post about the going ons in our little neck of the woods......

We moved back to Oklahoma in July.....Awesomeness.....Yes that is a word, don't argue with it, hehehe (Aunt Judi that was directed to you :D, Love ya) So happy to be back on sooner soil and apparently so are the kids....We got progress reports yesterday.....Alyssa is in the 6th grade now and loving every minute of it...She has 2 A's, 3 B's and a C and even that C is a high C, her B's are 1 or 2 points from an A....And better yet she is completely mainstreamed..She is also in Band and taking Clarinet....She practices every night and is actually getting good at it and has passed her class mates on.....Here is the bad about her......On Sunday the 9th while Grandma was here, she fell off Dream Catcher...Shadow being the butt he is started acting out because he wasn't being messed with.....He bumped into Dream as Alyssa was climbing on top of her and she lost her balance coming right back off before she was even settled on her back.....Landing on her neck/back funny....We called the ambulance and she was taken to Claremore where they did a CT scan, it showed that she has fractured T 3, 4, and 5.......We go to the ortho dr tomorrow.....She missed most of last week because of it, Poor girl tried to go on tuesday and was completely worn out when she got home...She has to have a pillow behind her back and the bus is not exactly the most comfortable place for her...But I have faith that she is healing as she has slowed down complaining of her back hurting.....I did make her use her back muscles to bend over......Using my nursing knowledge I thought it was best she stretch them by bending but not picking anything up.......She seems to be tolerating it well....She also is out of gym until further notice which actually has her upset, she loves gym......They are running the track and she is enjoying the running......Now on to Joshua....He is a handful but is a very remarkable kiddo....Full of life and can't wait for wrestling to start again...He is so excited to be back here and doing the wrestling that he knows.....Austin will be joining on the fun this year....Yikes 2 boys in wrestling is going to be dividing this house....Which means Dad and I will divide and conquer once again....One of us will have the 3 yr old hurricane and the other will have the 2 yr old tornado....They are still at their finest....Ornery little stinkers.....I have a parent teacher conference with Joshua's teacher tomorrow evening so I'm hoping that he is doing fine as Austin's teacher isn't requesting a conference with me but then again I have sent everything I have on Austin's testing and spoke with her before school even started about Austin and his "plans" LOL.....She knows his little escapades...Hehehe Other than both Joshua and Austin have bad allergies....Something that Joshua has never had to deal with.....ChiAnne is being a normal 2 yr old.....Love her personallity but yet she is a handful at the same time....We had her eval done recently and she has completely caught up and passed all her age range goals.....Most are at 3 1/2, she won't be 3 til Feburary.....Then for 2 months and 2 days I will have 2-3 yr olds.....I saved the best for last.....Jace Andrew Lane......Omgosh this boy knows no fear whatsoever...He is a handful....He never slows down which is why I have nicknamed him the 3 yr old hurricane......he started therapy again this past monday, while he wanted nothing to do with speech he did warm up to the OT just fine.....He is still severly delayed in both areas and will continue to get services for awhile to come.....As of now he is getting them threw the school district here in Chelsea but there is a possibility that he will be transferred to project Keep in Claremore to help with therapies depending on how they assess his delays..We also have contacted someone to have him evaluated for aspergers/autism....I do not think he has autism but I do think he has something else going on besides just being a preemie.....But this is the first step in the road to figuring out his quirks and how to help him...He will be having surgery again on the 28th.....He is having his tonsils out and tubes put back in (our 3rd set) we have gotten his allergies under control but he is still having seasonal allergies and with the rain we have had recently, the trees and the grasses are confused and they are pollenating....YIKES.....Ok so I think that sums up our little ole family in a nutshell ok, well ok maybe a chapter, LOL...but either way there it is........ 

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