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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jace Andrew Lane

My trouble maker.......My monkey, my climber.......the nicknames could go on and on..........He has horrible times with food....He is finally up to 19lbs 5.4oz, which is awesome for him being almost 16mths old.....He is highly allergic to alot of foods......Including milk and soy......Squash has been the biggest reaction by far......He finally had allergy tests........The test backed up the allergy to milk and soy but also to peanuts and dog......The dog of all things...Then last week we had blood work done......He is still reacting to a number of things so the dr thought maybe he had an immune disorder........While some of the numbers came back high, others did not so it only shows a weakened immune system (awesome news) and a few other things but nothing major........I went in armed with those results to his neonatalogist and he said that other than a weakened immune system we really had nothing to worry about, just keep doing what we were doing because he was gaining weight (slowly but surely) he is finally walking and his skin looks great (besides the two places that are healing now) he asked that we try a few foods on him because they will help boost his immune system.......Avacados which are high in vit C, non dairy yogurt (this is the first I have heard of it but he said we could get it at whole foods) and poi (something from hawaii) so we are going to add that to his diet and see if he can handle.......Oh and he wants him to have lamb (its high in fats, easier on their system and has a vit that he is low in (forget the name of it) 

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