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Saturday, September 19, 2009


I never slowed down yesterday to land at home to work on my list.......So my list is as follows

Living Room~complete deep clean (I do this once a week but it seems like I have to do it because boys' little hotwheels end up under the couch, the chairs everywhere, so we pull them out and sweep under them.....We are in the middle of this now.........Half done...........I will sweep and mop this floor today....... Done

Hallway~needs swept and mopped

Laundry~its a never ending battle!! in progress

Kitchen~finish the dishes, get them all put away. The counters wiped off, get dh to get the broken microwave down and the shelf moved down so we can put the new one on it and get it off my counter (I have very little counter space, this will help) in progress

If I can get this accomplished this weekend it will be awesome...........My kids will definantly deserve a treat............

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