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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 2 of our Nicu stay

And ChiAnne is doing awesome.  She is still on the nasal canula but is down to room air, which is 21% and only at 2 liters, there is talk of taking her off the high pressured canula and moving her down.  She also nippled 2 of her feeds.  Its only 10 mls each feeding but they will slowly increase it.  She will get to come home when she is constantly eating 60 mls each feeding. 

Kent and the kids came up and seen me today, they brought along her headbands that I bought for her.  One of them is enormous on her the others fit her just perfect.  Tomorrow is her first valentines day.  I have a onesies that has hearts all over it and a headband to match that has hearts on it.  I have pictures of her headbands but forgot to get Kent to send them to me off of his phone.

We also met with the dr today, he was who admitted her.  He said to take my due date and minus about 2 wks.  Um not that I don't believe him but that would put her here longer than Jace was.  And she is doing so much better than Jace did.  I think she will be home next week sometime.  However momma could always be wrong.  And as we well learned with Jace this is a rollar coaster ride that we can't always get off of.

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